Men doing a cardiovascular examination Cardiovascular monitoring is an integral part of every first-in-human trial, and always includes vital signs and ECG. However, we often need to add more sophisticated tests of the heart and circulation, and we can perform all the following techniques in-house.

  • Central ECG monitoring (SpaceLabs) on all beds
  • Telemetry (SpaceLabs) throughout premises
  • 12-lead ECG with electronic transfer capability
  • 24-h ambulatory 12-lead ECG and BP monitoring
  • Thorough QT
  • Precision QT
  • Exercise ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Passive tilt testing
  • Systolic time intervals
  • Doppler aortic velography
  • Laser Doppler flowmetry
  • Forearm blood flow
  • Hand venous reflex Mendoing a cardiovascular examination with the help of a doctor
  • Fingertip photo-plethysmography
  • Catecholamine and prostanoid agonist/antagonist tests

Our Chief Medical Adviser has a long-standing interest in cardiology and non-invasive monitoring of cardiovascular function, so we’re well placed to advise on the design and interpretation of trials of drugs with possible CVS effects.