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    Hammersmith Medicines Research
    Hammersmith Medicines Research

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    Purpose-designed clinical pharmacology unit on 4 floors close to Central Middlesex Hospital - an ideal environment for trials of new medicines.

    • 145 beds in 3 wards
    • Specialist procedure rooms – allergy, endoscopy, cognitive function, audiometry
    • Self-contained suites for sleep studies
    • Central monitoring
    • ECG telemetry
    • Urine-collection laboratories with integrated toilets
    • Facilities for handling radioactivity, and separate clinical and laboratory areas for studies of ‘light label’ and conventional doses of radionuclide
    • Dedicated outpatient unit
    • Designated facilities for monitors and auditors
  • Emergencies

    Expertise and prudence have prevented any emergencies in the past - we do a comprehensive risk assessment of every trial - but, just in case:

    • Emergency alarms throughout
    • Resuscitation team 24/7 and resident doctor
    • On-call physicians
    • Rapid patient evacuation
    • Close to hospital acute services
    • Regular emergency scenario training
    • Clinical attachment of HMR physicians to ITU
    • Approved by Resuscitation Council for ILS training
  • Equipment


    • 52 SpaceLabs Ultraview bedside monitors with ECG, Sp02, NIBP recording
    • 24 SpaceLabs ECG telemetry units
    • 31 12-lead ECG
    • 50 Holter monitors
    • 25 SpaceLabs ambulatory BP recorders
    • USCOM (blood velocity) monitor

    Metabolic & renal

    • 5 Nova Glucometers
    • 3 i-STAT analysers, Abbott Diagnostics


    • 3 Fujinon 530 Series Video Bronchoscopes
    • 3 Mefar dosimeters
    • Complete pulmonary laboratory, Morgan Medical
    • Jaeger exhaled NO monitor
    • 3 'Gold Standard' Vitalograph spirometers
    • 8 MicroMedical Superspiro SU6000
    • MicroMedical MicroLab
    • 2 acoustic rhinometers, GM Instruments AR1


    • 2 EEG machines, Walther Graphtek UK Ltd PL-270-N
    • Embla N7000 polysomnography system (PSG) with: EEG, EOG, ECG and EMG electrodes and leads; and oximeter, respiratory effort, body position, nasal cannula, thermistor and snoring sensors


    • 21 ambulatory pH monitors, Flexilog, Oakfield Instruments Ltd 2020
    • 3 Fujinon Standard 530 Series Gastroscopes

    Other equipment

    • Ultrasound imaging, Siemens Sonoline Prima SLC
    • 10 syringe pumps
  • Pharmacy

    • 2 aseptic manufacturing suites
    • Radiopharmacy aseptic suite, incorporating QC testing by liquid scintillation counting
    • 2 dedicated non-sterile manufacturing suites
    • Secure, temperature-controlled storage
    • Continuous environmental monitoring, with integrated alarm
    • Licensed by the MHRA to manufacture IMPs and Specials
    • Home Office licence to supply and possess controlled drugs
    • Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council

    Take a photo tour of the pharmacy.

    The Pharmacy has its own dedicated website.

  • Laboratory
    • Pneumatic tube sample delivery from ward
    • Robotic sample handling – centrifugation, level sensing, capping, aliquotting, labelling, sorting & storage
    • Back-up analysers to ensure continuous service
    • Separate suites for light-sensitive samples and radioimmunoassay
    • Seamless LIMS, from sample collection to reporting

    Take a photo tour of the laboratory.

    The laboratory has its own dedicated website.

    Hammersmith Medicines ResearchHammersmith Medicines Research

  • Sample storage

    • Secure sample storage at 4°C, –20°C and –80°C
    • Continuous temperature monitoring with integrated alarm and 24/7 cover
  • Archive

    • Secure, temperature-controlled document store on site
    • Local long-term archive at Cadogan Tate, allowing rapid document retrieval
    • Dedicated archivist
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