Ethics committee feedback

‘Thanks for the usual well-polished ethics application.’

‘The ICF is comprehensive and easy to understand. Keep it up!’

‘Thanks for another excellent submission.’

‘Thank you for the high standard of your study design and submission – almost flawless!’

Sponsor feedback

We ask all of our sponsors for feedback at the end of their trial.  Here’s a summary of ALL our feedback (not just a filtered selection) received through Survey Monkey in recent years.

  • 100% of sponsors rated HMR’s service as good, very good, or excellent
  • 100% of sponsors would place another study at HMR
  • 95% of sponsors agreed or strongly agreed that potential recruitment difficulties were identified, and suitable subjects were recruited according to agreed timelines
  • 100% of sponsors agreed or strongly agreed that study documents were accurate, complete, legible and well maintained
  • 100% of sponsors agreed or strongly agreed that all aspects of the study were done in accordance with the protocol, ICH GCP, and regulatory requirements

Sponsor comments

‘Great service with flexible thinking.  Well trained staff.’

‘The entire study team, PM, PI, sub-investigators etc were wonderful to work with. The team was responsive and cooperative.  I would not hesitate recommending HMR to other colleagues for future study placement.’

‘I think HMR did an excellent job all round on this study and the staff should be thanked for their hard work and diligence.’

‘Although not a large study, we recognise that data collection and data management were not as per most clinical studies. It was appreciated that we were able to openly discuss potential concerns and known data issues and HMR were able to provide and assess suggested solutions before finalising the statistical analysis plan. It was particularly appreciated that HMR were able to remain flexible with regard to our moving data delivery timelines and were able to deliver outputs earlier than the formally agreed timelines.’

‘Strong project management and excellent engagement from the PI. Thank you!’

‘The HMR team was very professional in general and proactive in the replacement of the dropout subject, which minimised the delay. The HMR project manager was very knowledgeable about the study and always provided answers to our queries/study updates in a timely manner. The pharmacy team was very flexible despite changes in our requests and available to discuss what was the best option. The effort of the clinical team to ensure good/reproducible dosing technique were appreciated. They also reported a minor device malfunction (it could have been easily overlooked), which led to an improvement of the design of the tested device.’

‘Overall, a fantastic effort from the HMR team which has resulted in a very high quality set of data. Thank you!’

‘It was very interesting to attend this first dosing during which I could really appreciate the professionalism of each HMR study team member.’

‘I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a very successful dosing this morning.  We do appreciate your professionalism and calm despite a complex dosing process and several pairs of eyes scrutinising all that you do.’

‘Thank you… for completing the study ahead of time.  To have recruited cohorts of elderly, females and Japanese within the time frame was no mean feat and we’re more than grateful to be well within our own, internal timelines as a result.  We have been very pleased with our relationship with HMR due, in a large part, to your staff’s proactivity.’

‘To be honest with you, this is the best quality Phase I data we’ve ever had. You said it would be good and it is, we’re very pleased.’