central nervous system

Since 1993, we’ve done more than 800 phase 1 trials, over 200 of which involved compounds with CNS  (Central Nervous System) activity. Many of those trials were first-in-human. We’ve experience of a wide range of procedures to assess novel CNS compounds, including

  • sleep and polysomnography
  • actigraphyGraph about dose-related inhibition of red-cell cholinesterase in healthy men
  • scopolamine model of dementia
  • erythrocyte cholinesterase activity
  • pain models
  • EEG, with interpretation by consultant neurologist
  • PET, with Invicro
  • SPECT, with University College Hospital, London
  • fMRI, with Invicro or Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College Hospital

Types of molecules that we’ve studied include

  • dopamine receptor antagonists
  • anticonvulsants
  • antipsychotics
  • antidepressants
  • GABA inverse agonists
  • cholinesterase inhibitorsP1vital

Collaboration with other specialist providers

We collaborate with specialists in products and services in CNS experimental medicine. For example, we’ve worked with cognitive assessment platforms such as CANTAB and Cogstate, which offer validated and reliable assessment of CNS functions



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Doctor putting examination devices in a patient