Our experienced pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants, working closely with our experts in clinical pharmacology, have successfully delivered hundreds of early phase clinical trials.

We offer a high quality, bespoke, pharmacy manufacturing service for phase 1 and early phase 2 clinical trials, fully integrated with our clinical services, and supported by our physicians, ward staff and clinical project managers. Our pharmacy, clinical and supporting services are all under one roof, facilitating clear communication and efficient trial delivery. We’re open 24 hours a day, and can prepare IMP and non-IMP, including those with short shelf-lives, for administration at any time of the day or night (eg repeated daily doses, continuous infusion, sleep studies, PET scan trials).

We take pride in finding creative solutions and deploying the flexibility and agility you need to support fast-paced early phase research and adaptive trial designs. We’ve extensive experience of assembling and releasing IMP within very short timelines, in response to decisions based on emerging trial data.

We’re experienced in sourcing and manufacturing non-IMP, such as challenge agents (eg methacholine, allergens). We’ve also manufactured and distributed IMP for many clinical trials at other UK sites, including NHS hospitals and private homecare, and have the infrastructure in place to manage logistics and shipment under GDP.

We can manufacture IMP for enteral or parenteral administration, including by the intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, topical, oral, intranasal and inhaled routes.

specialist analysing some testOur on-site pharmacy has an MIA(IMP) licence, and offers the following.

  • Expert advice during and after development of the IMPD and protocol
  • QP audit and importing of IMP
  • Randomisation, repackaging, & relabelling
  • Manufacture of bespoke capsules
  • Preparation of solutions, suspensions & semi-solid formulations
  • Aseptic preparation
  • Radiopharmaceuticals – including aseptics & ‘light label’
  • Sterilisation by filtration
  • Over-encapsulation of tablets & capsules
  • Preparation and storage of controlled drugs
  • Preparation of handling instructionsdoctor analysing
  • QP batch certification
  • Sourcing of comparators & non-IMP
  • Manufacture of IMP for other clinical trial sites
  • Retention samples
  • Certified IMP destruction


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