Biologicals and biosimilars

Many biologicals and biosimilars act via the immune system, and we have long and extensive experience of studying those molecules.

HMR’s laboratory offers FACS on-site – a huge advantage in the quantification of cell surface markers and receptors, because we can guarantee that analysis is done on fresh preparations. The laboratory has 2 FACS machines so that one is always available, and our service is outstandingly reliable.

We also offer assays of  cytokines. What’s more, we’re always happy to look into setting up and validating new assays, so do please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Our experience and expertise with vaccines extends from the routine performance-testing of newly engineered influenza vaccines to the ultra-sophisticated science of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). HMR has experience of everything from complex DNA vaccines, involving unusual or newly developed modes of administration and sophisticated measures of local reactions, to more straightforward trials of the safety and immunogenicity of vaccines based on proteins and peptides.

HMR is the ideal place to conduct your vaccine trial because

  • We have all the necessary permissions and procedures – including a permanent GMO Committee – to expedite our work with GMO-based vaccines
  • Trials of GMO vaccines require intensive study of individuals or small groups of subjects, and our on-site laboratory is invaluable in facilitating the necessary microbiological sampling
  • Our medical and nursing staff are experienced in the intensive supervision of trial subjects
  • Our unique combination of skilled staff and excellent facilities enables us to minimise the risks and maximise the scientific yield from each trial
  • We have a great track record of recruiting large numbers of subjects, in a very short time, for the annual immunogenicity trials of the new season’s flu vaccine
  • We have an equally impressive record of dosing many subjects in quick succession, to ensure the timely availability of safety and efficacy data that allow speedy licensing of new vaccines each year

We believe that we offer a unique combination of sophisticated skills and experience in the most highly demanding trials, together with the ability to recruit and treat large cohorts of subjects in the more routine ones. Moreover, whether the trial is complex or simple, we give the same dedicated attention to the safety of the participants – and to maximising the quality of the data.